Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Car Performance

Are you power-hungry? The AVH-P5700DVD delivers a full 50 watts x 4 channels. And it's not just 50 watts; this is MOSFET 50. Compared to conventional power supplies, the MOSFET amplification circuit is smaller and more efficient, and it delivers power with less distortion and absolutely zero on/off switching noise. Remember: more power doesn't only mean “louder”. It also means that your music will be cleaner at higher volumes because you're not pushing the limits of the amplification circuit. For clean, efficient power that will rock your vehicle, you found the right CD Receiver.

The AVG-VDP1 is Pioneer's Solution for Performance-Minded Automobile Enthusiasts, and takes car performance analytics to the next level. The unit detects a wide range of real-time vehicle performance data — including acceleration, lateral G-forces, estimated horsepower, and torque, in addition to speed and RPM. Additionally, the GPS locator provides current vector information, as well as current location by longitude, latitude, altitude, and distance to destination. The unit displays the results on a connected Pioneer Audio/Video monitor — with smart, full-color graphics that add style to the dashboard.

Car performance accessories allow for better gas mileage on the street or better ETA's at the track for your car and can be found in simple air intakes to complex nitrous systems. Air intake systems are the backbone to all car performance accessories because every car needs more air in to make more power and better gas mileage. You may think an air intake is not the answer, but the air filter is a must for your car performance accessories! A stock or factory car comes with a paper filter which out of the box is decent but clogs with dirt which robs you power, adding the simple car performance accessories such as a reusable air filter which can have better storage and stopping power of dirt to your car can give you added gas mileage and horsepower for a longer time in your car. Adjusting your cam timing for car performance accessories helps you to get the best out of your nitrous systems, by adjusting you can have a wilder setting for the track and a mild for the street with your car. Adding a fuel system keeps you in line with fuel for a higher output engine, electronics give you the ability to bump up the saved horsepower an average driver doesn't want, and short shifter to allow shorter, easier, and quicker shifts when driving which give car performance accessories the advantage over stock. Remember, the exhaust because more air in with an air filter or system means more air out to get performance power and better fuel economy you want out of your car performance accessories. Braking is a key to the major car performance accessories because if you can't stop good than going faster is just dangerous, plus stopping gives you the advantage in daily stop and go driving along with track use for your car. Car performance accessories benefit the car driver whether stopping quicker with better brake system or opening up the new exhaust to let the performance accessories out. Get the power you always wanted from your car at We have intakes, programmers, throttle body spacers and more. TRUCK performance parts click here.

We hope you enjoyed last month's lead article "If cars were built like vacuums - we'd probably be dead." If you missed it or didn't finish reading it CLICK HERE to catch up!

So far, we learned that cars have significantly improved in critical areas like comfort, safety and fuel efficiency over the years. However, the mass majority of popular vacuum cleaners have suffered a serious decline in quality and performance to consumer demand for low prices and weight!

Now that you're warmed up to my train of thought - using something familiar like cars to better understand your vacuum - let's explore another commonly misunderstood factor

Every machine is designed to do a certain job, or set of jobs. To share the same classification, machines must obviously share specific performance criteria: Calculators have to calculate; Toasters must toast; Cars need to move, steer and stop; Vacuums cleaners have to suck and hold dirt in side. If a machine doesn’t perform the expected tasks, we either consider it broken, or we just have to find a new name for it!

Yet within those categories of machine, we often see numerous variants, brands and types. Sure, shapes and colors may vary, but most often a machine will be separated from others of its kind because of a claim to perform somewhat differently. It’s important to look carefully at these differences in claims, as it may drastically affect the machine’s ability to perform the tasks we expect.

The first part of what makes up a machine’s quality of performance depends on how well it is tailored to the task at hand. Do you have the right “tool” for the job? You can’t roast a small chicken in a regular, sliced-bread toaster. I don’t expect you’d buy a Toyota Prius to go off-roading in the mountains. And I would hope you’d know better than to buy an upright vacuum with a non-stopping brushroller if you have only hardwood floors.

The second factor falls in the realm of finer details. Two widgets may claim to do the exact same task, but have very different prices. Why? Quality is usually the one of the main reasons, yet this can be cocktail of several factors. “Better” quality usually indicates a products ease of use during the performance of its given task. Also, the better product can usually be expected to last longer or break less, providing a greater value for your dollar over time. Perhaps this product also does the particular task “better” than the other: Computes faster; Toasts more evenly; Is safer in a crash; Allows less dust escapes into the air, etc. Esthetics often plays a role too. Ultimately you need to decide how much those subtle factors affect the completion of your task, whether you feel they are worth the price, or which is just a better fit for your personal preferences. So if the next vacuum you buy is only $50, that’s fine - It may be just right for your situation. What I hope is that you will NOT BE FOOLED by the commercials and colorful packaging into believing that it will last very long or is “great for allergy sufferers!”

This brings me to the third aspect of discussion: How to maintain your equipment’s level of performance. Everything has an “Achilles Heel.” You wouldn’t dream of buying a car, whether a Hyundai or a Hummer, and never change the oil or brakes…You’d either blow up the motor or get killed in an accident! Similarly, you can’t buy a vacuum and not replace the bag or filter for 6 months without risking blowing up its motor, or you at least suffering a serious allergy attack! Just remember the KEY WORD: MAINTENANCE. All machines, especially those with moving parts, need it now and then! Otherwise, your car, vacuum, etc., cannot be expected to perform as well as it is intended to. You'll need to understand what it takes to keep it going, and whether or not you're willing and able to keep up with it!

At Queen Vacuum, we play “matchmaker” all day! It’s our job to listen and match each customer up with the right vacuum for their specific needs. Sometimes it’s a $69 Dirt Devil, sometimes it’s a $699 Miele. When you know a lot about a given type of product it’s easy to spot the differences between seemingly similar items. You can discern the main criteria: WHAT it does, HOW WELL it does it, and HOW LONG will it last. Most importantly, you can translate those differences into the potential benefits or detriments in your experience with that product. When you don’t know much about something you’re looking to buy, please do your research. But if you just can’t wrap your mind around the differences in the products you want – have an expert explain it. Or try the old trick of relating it to something you already understand well like food, electronics or (our favorite) cars!

Perform breaking and acceleration tests such as 0-60, 1/4 mile and 0–60–0 to measure your car’s true performance potential. Most tests can be G triggered for unparalleled accuracy. Each test is recorded for future comparison.

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