Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Car Performance 02

Audi R8 can be one of the best luxurious cars that can be chosen by people today. There are so many kinds of luxurious cars today, one of the Audi type, known as Audi R8 can be the best which is suggested for you now. Speaking about some luxurious cars today, we are going to talk about one of the best luxurious cars which have been made by the Germany automakers, the Audi. You must have known that Audi has become one of the most common luxurious cars which have been chosen by people. Today, it seems that luxurious cars are more likely show the great design of SUV or the sport utility vehicle with so many additional improvements within it. Nowadays, if you are looking for the best sport utility vehicle from Audi, you are suggested to choose the best Audi R8. It is one of the top models of the Audi which are offered for you right now. It is also made based on the concept of the Le Mans Quattro. What the best thing from this new type is about the great design which has been completed with the aluminum construction completed with the mid engine super car. also recognizes that the vast majority of exotic cars are also a hot bed of innovative performance engineering. Most car tuners keep track of what many exotic car manufacturers are creating, which is why some of the best tuning car technology trickles down to the aftermarket companies and to car tuning enthusiasts usually in short period of time. Within a year or two or sometimes within a few short months, your stock car can enjoy some of the high performance perks that in the past only the most expensive and rarest vehicles also recognizes that the vast majority of exotic cars are also a hot bed of innovative performance engineering.

The SHC is a futuristic car concept that features style and aerodynamics to illustrate a clear picture of the high-performance future transportation. The selection of materials and applications has helped it to achieve the ideal weight distribution which resulted to a fast, carefully directed and cutting-edge car design.

The Super Hatchback Concept Car Integrates Sports-Car Performance with Eco-Efficiency

Featured with three powertrain alternatives including a hybrid/electric option, the car has achieved the credentials of being a sports car, while being completely eco-friendly. The chassis has been made with high tensile steel and aluminum, making the car lightweight and improved handling has been ensured with aluminum suspensions that reduces unsprung mass. The air-streamed front and rear window combines hydrophobic and super-fast screen heating technology that eliminates the requirement of wipers or washers and high-intensity LED has been used on the headlights, rear lights and lower fog lights for a clear view.

PROJECTED SPECIFICATIONS (Air-Hybrid powertrain)….

- BHP @ RPM: 272 @ 5500 – 6500
- TORQUE (Lb/Ft) @ RPM: 290 @ 1750 – 5500
- WEIGHT (KG): 1280
- POWER TO WEIGHT (bhp/tonne): 212
- TORQUE TO WEIGHT (Lb/Ft / tonne): 226
- SPECIFIC OUTPUT (bhp/litre) : 160
- 0-62mph: 5.6
- 0-100mph: 13.3
- Top Speed (mph): 167
- MPG (combined): 52
- CO2 (g/km): 115
- LENGTH (cm): 4014
- WIDTH (cm): 1924
- HEIGHT (cm): 1358
- WHEELBASE (cm): 2602
- PRICE: £27,000 (2014)

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